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Specialists in Air Supply Systems and Duct Servicing

Air Supply Systems

Air Supply Systems are an absolutely essential component for the functioning of a kitchen ventilation system and it is also a legal requirement in your kitchen. Heating (or tempering) of the air supply and depending on the availability on site, electric heating may be used. It’s vital to keep your kitchen under negative pressure to prevent cooking odours spreading outside kitchens. Contact us today for a free no obligation quotation as we are happy to either get you set up with a brand new system or just a regular servicing of your system.

Duct Servicing

Priority number one for you is to ensure your duct and ventilation systems are cleaned on a regular basis, no matter how efficient you may think your filters are at trapping grease or dust particles. Over time, it is inevitable that dust and grease deposits will build up and accumulate in your systems. With our vast experience in the industry, we will ensure your duct and ventilation systems are kept thoroughly cleaned and maintained to keep you up and running. Contact us today for your regular duct servicing.