Air Supply Systems

Air Supply Systems are an absolutely essential component for the functioning of a kitchen ventilation system and it is also a legal requirement in your kitchen. Heating (or tempering) of the air supply and depending on the availability on site, electric heating may be used. It’s vital to keep your kitchen under negative pressure to prevent cooking odours spreading outside kitchens. Contact us today for a free no obligation quotation as we are happy to either get you set up with a brand new system or just a regular servicing of your system.

Duct Servicing

Priority number one for you is to ensure your duct and ventilation systems are cleaned on a regular basis, no matter how efficient you may think your filters are at trapping grease or dust particles. Over time, it is inevitable that dust and grease deposits will build up and accumulate in your systems. With our vast experience in the industry, we will ensure your duct and ventilation systems are kept thoroughly cleaned and maintained to keep you up and running. Contact us today for your regular duct servicing.

Fan Replacement

If you need a fan replacement on your system then look no further. We have fan replacement and repair services available to you to get you back up and running as quick and as smoothly as possible. If a replacement, we will offer you the best advice possible as we have access to all the latest energy efficient fans that may save you up to 20% on your energy as opposed to keeping your old fans running. Get in touch today to find out your fan replacement options.

PAT Testing

How much do you know about PAT Testing? Will firstly - it stands for Portable Appliance Testing. Secondly, you have to ensure all appliances in your premises have their test stickers on them, clearly visible. If you find there aren’t any stickers on your portable appliances, it’s best to get them tested/re-tested to be absolutely sure they’re safe. We will test all your appliances to ensure your premises are fully compliant with all relevant regulations and will advise to you what needs testing and when. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for all your PAT Testing services.

Fuse & Plug Replacement

Fuses and plugs are obviously an essential part of the running of any efficient Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System. We are happy to come in and fully check the fuses and plugs within your system to ensure they are wired and operating as they should be - along with replacing anything that needs a little TLC. With older fuseboards especially, we would highly recommend you upgrade to a better board as you may encounter problems more often with an older fuse board. So if you have a plug that’s simply not working or you would like us to double check your fuse board - please get in touch today.

Residential HVAC

Whether you need a new HVAC system in your home or repairs to existing units, you can rely on our trained technicians to handle all of your heating and air conditioning requirements. We are a full-service company, and no job is too small. From full central, forced air systems to window or room units, we are happy to assist you in keeping your home comfortable all year long. Don’t forget to check out our maintenance plans, which make it easy for you to keep your HVAC system running optimally.

AC Installation & Servicing

Tired of suffering in the sweltering summer heat? Whether your current air conditioner needs servicing to work to its full potential or you’ve made the decision to install a new air condition, we’re here to help. Air conditioner installation and servicing must be undertaken by qualified, fully-trained professionals. That’s where we come in. We offer AC installation and servicing across a range of sectors, including both commercial and domestic AC systems and related equipment. Our fully licensed AC technicians can install and service all brands of air conditioners to create the perfect climate in your home or business all year round.

Heating Installation & Replacement

There’s nothing better than feeling warm, comfortable and cosy in your home, business or commercial premises during those cold winter months. Whether for your home, corporate office, commercial building or retail space, having the correct heating system installed is vital. Whether you need a new heating system installed or a tired, ineffective heating system replaced, our fully licenced technicians are trained and experienced in projects of all sizes and are able to install and replace all brands, makes and models of heating systems to suit your needs.

Commercial HVAC

Effective HVAC is an important component of commercial structures such as warehouses, retail stores, industrial and office buildings and shopping malls. Offering complete HVAC commercial installation for a variety of projects, our fully trained and licenced technicians understand the importance in the effective and efficient delivery of commercial HVAC services to ensure safe and comfortable temperature and humidity conditions using fresh outside air. As leaders in the supply and installation of commercial HVAC, our professional team is experienced and skilled in all facets of HVAC projects of varying complexities.

Industrial HVAC

Industrial HVAC services provide support for industrial equipment and buildings. We provide replacement, installation, and maintenance needs for furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, computer room units and more. Our services are conducted by licensed professionals that ensure your equipment is operating at optimal performance levels. As an experienced provider we specialize in industrial heating and cooling services while providing recommendations and suggestions for your situation. We can provide detailed advice and useful information about your building or facility when you schedule a consultation for a quote.

Boiler Installation

Hot water does more than make bathtime and showers enjoyable, as it also helps with keeping our homes clean and healthy places. But whether you have a new home or need to replace your boiler, then we’re the team to call. Our experts will give you a heating consultation to find the right boiler for you and we’ll install the boiler in your existing heating set up and can even make adjustments to modernize older homes. To learn more, please call us today.